Elements Design Collection

Website: www.elementsdesigncollection.com

Elements Design Collection is a company designed to employ the energies of the elements to nurture the body and soul. In this fast-paced world of great change I believe it is even more important than ever to take the time to nourish yourself and connect to your soul, and to all of nature’s elements. I find bathing with rejuvenating water and aromatic soap rich with varied scents of earth’s flowers and herbs is a great balm for the body and soul. I am passionate about creating with my hands and all of these products are hand-made with vegetable glycerin, essential oils and natural additives, with energy from my heart, and Reiki energized. Beautiful molded soaps are sold individually and in themed packages with hand painted boxes. Please take a look at the entire collection on my website: www.elementsdesigncollection.com.

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