Seminole Springs Herb Farm


USDA Certified Organic

We are a certified organic nursery producing a wide variety of potted herb plants and when surplus dictates, fresh cut herbs. We also grow antique roses employing our organic methods.

Our expertise lies in growing herbs with over 20 years experience doing so in Central Florida. Many herbs are seasonal offerings and our availability can change substantially even from week to week. If you are looking for a specific plant, contact us to see if we have them available.

Three years ago we began maintaining a small herd of Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats as a hobby. We enjoy showing them at local goat shows when time allows. Most of all we just think they are awesome. They provide our family with sweet wholesome milk. Nigerians are known for the high butterfat content in their milk, making it very tasty! Sometimes we have more milk than we can personally use. During those periods we make it available for sale. Please make note, that Florida law only allows the sale of
unpasteurized milk to be sold as pet grade.Our goats are not a part of our USDA Certified Organic plan, although we
raise them as naturally as we can and keep them healthy and happy.

Thank you,
Traci Anderson

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