Venetian Gourmet Foods, Inc.


Venetian Gourmet started like most companies – a personal need. In our case it was my wife, a longtime vegetarian, who developed a milk protein allergy, which eliminated the majority of food choices from her diet. Going to the grocery store meant actually reading the ingredient listings – and realizing that even “healthy” foods often contain ingredients we couldn’t pronounce much less understand what they were. This lead to the realization that in order to control our nutrition we needed to cook all meals at home. Fortunately, I am a professional chef and was able to create meals that were healthy and vegan, while never sacrificing taste. We know that not everyone has these options but also feel that it is a basic human right to eat foods which are not full of hormones, antibiotics, artificial ingredients and food dyes. This is why we created Venetian Gourmet – so we can bring healthy, naturally delicious gourmet comfort foods to all American’s. Just like Grandma used to make them.

Venetian Gourmets sole mission is to bring truly healthy and nutritious food back to American households. We understand how busy most families are and that finding healthy food choices can be a full time job. This is especially true today where profits are rated higher than the well being of consumers, resulting in the use of artificial ingredients, hormones and abuse of livestock. At Venetian Gourmet Foods we seek to bring back integrity and the highest standards to the food industry. That is why we aim to make eating healthy as easy as possible while remaining responsible to our consumers. We don’t make any products we don’t eat ourselves on a daily basis. We offer vegan and vegetarian prepared meals, which only use natural and fresh ingredients. All our products list the ingredients in plain English, so you can rest assured that you are in control of your nutrition and only eating natural foods. Our goal is to use organic ingredients whenever possible and as we grow to become 100% organic.

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