Sundew Gardens

Website: sundewgardens.com

Certified Naturally Grown (more info)

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My family, friends, and neighbors have been helping me grow Sundew Gardens at our homestead, near UCF and Oviedo, since 1983. Our crops are produced from the ground; wide growing beds of living soil, amended with rock-dust minerals, earthworm tea, ocean borne nutrients, and homemade compost. More than the natural or organic non-synthetic pest controls we use, growing local or regional, climate friendly crop selections frequently reduces the need for pest controls. We grow a wide selection of vegetables, herbs, fruit, and chickens for eggs. Sundew Gardens markets our produce at our farm stand at the garden gate every Saturday morning, 8-Noon. Visit the Sundew Gardens facebook page and sundewgardens.com for information and photos of our daily activities. Tours available during our Saturday morning farm stand hours or by appointment. Hope to see you at the garden, Tom Carey.

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