The Tempeh Shop

Website: www.tempehshop.com/

USDA Certified Organic

The Tempeh Shop is a family business in Gainesville, Florida founded (and fathered) by Jose Caraballo. Working alongside is his son, Damian, and daughter, Lani.

We believe in sustainability, appropriate technology, ecological practices, fair trade and self sufficiency.

The Tempeh Shop is an example of how these principles can be maintained in a small business when money alone is not the driving force or absolute ruler.

Tempeh is a human accomplishment, a product of a peasant society in a tropical island striving to survive, and a lesson on how this can be done without hurting the environment and other creatures.

We honor the humble resourceful people who first developed this wonderful food and we strive to adapt their technology to our modern world without abandoning its traditional quality.

That is why we are not interested in growing to become a big tempeh factory. Mass produced tempeh does not compare to tempeh made in a small shop or at home.

We want to help put the word “tempeh” along with “tofu” in more restaurant menus, so that people can enjoy tempeh deliciously prepared and served in a variety of cooking styles.

And finally we want to help people make their own tempeh at home and why not, help others start their own tempeh shops in their own communities.

Yes, we support the Tempeh Revolution!

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