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Siverson Family Sustainable Farm in North Central Florida:

34 Years of Proud Farming

Our family has worked the same land in North Central Florida since 1976. Our involvement with farming started innocently enough: hand milking a Jersey and Holstein cow for our kids’ 4-H projects. Well, one thing led to another, and our farm grew to a 750-cow milking operation.

After 25 years of running the family dairy, we decided to change directions. We were interested in building a sustainable farm, and in the process, we learned about Wagyu cattle. At the time, Washington State University was pioneering the American Wagyu movement. Many in our family are WSU alums, so we were intrigued.

Wagyu cattle are a wonderful breed for sustainable farms. Their tender meat thrives on a 100% grass-fed diet. We wanted to add more animals to the farm that complemented an eco-friendly operation. The addition of Berkshire and Mangalitsa pigs, free-range chickens, and heritage turkeys has rounded out our operation. We continue to explore new breeds and projects that will support our philosophy.

We welcome visitors to our sustainable farm. If you’re in North Central Florida, our farm is located in Summerfield. We’d love to take you on a tour of our operation! See our truly unique Wagyu cattle, Mangalitsa pigs, Berkshire pigs, free-range chickens, and free-range turkeys. And while you’re visiting, take home some meat from our farm—you’ll be amazed by how delicious our free-range animals taste!

We request that you call in advance for a farm tour. As a sustainable operation, we take measures to ensure that no cross-contamination reaches our animals.

Pasture Prime is not certified organic. The farm uses a limited application of synthetic fertilizer to amend its fields periodically to support the grass and forage to grow properly for the animals. The farm also spot spray treat for invasive weeks which, if eaten, can poison the animals. These limited practices are not considered to be a threat to human health or the environment, and do date, are some of the most progressive farming practices for a commercial animal farm that can be found here in the State of Florida.

4141 SE 180th St.
Summerfield, FL 34491
Cell: 352-266-9504

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