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Established in 1982…

Chuck Gomez, the owner and of Pure Produce has spent most of his working life in Florida, he was born and raised in New England. He worked in programs in oceanography in Maine accelerating in biology and chemistry subjects, having attended the University of Pennsylvania college. Here he studied Oceanography. He transferred to the University of Miami, where he also worked at the Marine Institute in Key Biscayne. He met Mayta, his devoted wife and business partner when they began their life-long journey together creating a beautiful family and investing a 2.5 acre property for the future hydroponic farm.
They have supplied the military with produce until 2006. Now, we supply from Orlando to West Palm beach Hotels restaurants and Resorts and natural food markets. We as a family grow Baby English cucumbers, Sweet cherry tomatoes, Beefsteak Tomatoes, Holland sweet Bell peppers, Ghost chili peppers (hottest in the world), 10 varieties of Lettuce, Cilantro, Arugula, Mushrooms, escarole, frizze, Swiss Chard, Bok choi pesticide free, all grown in Greenhouses undercover protected from the cold the heat the rain hail and bugs fresh to your table. Its also hand picked and hand packed with no machines. Were a one stop salad shop check us out and buy some healthy greens today!




8875 Fleming Grant Rd
Sebastian, FL 32976

Contact Information
Mayta or Chuck Gomez

Their son Alex cell:561-860-3722

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