Kiss-im-mee's Green Place for Natural and Organic Vegetables, LLC

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This business was started because of the lack of tastey, nutritious, delicious,affordable, sustainable and organic vegetables in Central Florida. Americans have become so accustomed to seeing “perfect” produce that we have forced farm corporations to provide us with what we want – eye candy. Food that looks great, but at what cost? We have given up taste and nutrition so that everything looks great, but our sense of smell tells us otherwise. While the food we purchase in our giant grocery stores is pleasing to our eyes, it has done nothing to our sense of smell, so it does not appeal to us to eat it.
While setting up this business we became aware of how a great majority of hydroponic systems are operated, so I want to disspell the rumor that they are all bad. We call ourselves, vertical containerized growers. We grow our plants in a mixture of red worm castings, organic cow compost, organic mushroom compost,kissimmee green place compost and perlite. We mix that in a cement mixer with liquid calcium and chicken manure. All of our nutrients are bought from a company called Green World Path, out of Brooksville, FL. Their motto is “Beyond Organic”. While we are not certified organic, we are using beyond organic nutrients and a nutritional soil media. The red worm castings that we use are produced from a company in Apopka called “Our Vital Earth”. Their worm castings contain volcanic ash from 7 different parts of the world. This is fed to the worms with their vegetable based diet to provide grit in their guts so that they may digest their food. The volcanic ash contains 77 trace minerals. Once a week we supplement our plants with extra calcium and ecos. Monthly, we also supplement our plants with a product called “Mineral Plex”, which contains dozens of additional microelements,so our vegetables are the healthiest plants around. Green World Path is based on the “BRIX” readings of plants, which is a degree of sugar that bad insects, fungi, bacteria and virus find distasteful. If the plant is healthy, there are less diseases and insect problems to deal with. We are producing the most nutrient dense vegetables that money can buy so that you may continue on the road to good health.

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