Deep Roots Meat LLC


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Specialing in All Grass (Forage) Fed Beef
Angus Beef.


Raising & Ranching Angus Cattle for 6 Generations

Our cattle are not fed any grain, antibiotics, or animal-by-products.
They are not fed or given any growth hormones.
All cattle are rotationally grazed on grass and other forages and forbs.
They are only supplemented with hay or baleage when needed. We do use organic fertilizers on our fields but are not certified organic because there is not an Organic USDA Certified processing facility anywhere in Florida.

On June 25, 2009, The Platt Family was awarded with the
County Alliance for Responsible Stewardship (CARES) Award for
Outstanding Environmental Stewardship by improving the Environment.

On September 21, 2010, Troy Platt was awarded The 2010
“Outstanding Madison County Young Farmer” Award
given by Farm Credit of Northwest Florida.

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