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Announcement, We had a baby, Mid March 2014. He is Happy and Healthy and keeping us busy but we are still farming and think this is a great way to raise a little one.

Because I was pregnant and then just because I didn’t have time, NOTHING has been sprayed on or around the aquaponics in over a year and a half. So while we are not certified Organic, rest assured that we are not using anything that would be harmful to plants, fish, people or babies. Our baby manages to eat unwashed produce from our aquaponics regularly even though washing is still recommended.

Aquaponic Lynx LLC started out as a business to supply aquaponics systems and equipment for people to grow their own. We have since moved to a farm and expanded our operation to growing and selling produce in addition to helping others grow their own.

Either by helping people grow food in their own back yards or providing some food for the local market we want to be involved in local food.

Aquaponics has to be free of toxic chemicals since they would kill the fish and bio-filter that run the system and I hate to have dangerous substances around the house so even in the soil gardens I don’t use any toxic chemical pesticides and I try to keep pests in check by growing mixed crops and moving things around all the time since I’m unwilling to spend much time spraying even “safe” things. We use Integrated Pest Management, Beneficial Insects, and fish safe product only when we must.

Please feel free to contact me. Let me know what produce you would like to purchase from me and I’ll see if it makes sense for me to grow it for you.

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