Escentual Harmony Soaps


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Our name, Escentual Harmony, first came about when learning about the blending of fragrances, with each fragrance having a top, middle and base (bass) note, just as a musical chord. Finding the harmony in the fragrance is the key. As products were formulated, another type of harmony came into play- the harmony between science and nature.

The basis behind Escentual Harmony is to give our customers the best products possible and provide products that stay as close to nature as possible. All of our products are made in harmony with nature.
All of our products are made with care and we always use natural ingredients in our formulas unless use of a man-made ingredient makes a clearly better or safer product. Read our ingredient list then check the ingredients in products from the large commercial manufacturers. You’ll see the difference. Most importantly, you’ll feel the difference and have confidence that the products you are using on yourself and your family are not loaded with chemicals. All our products are paraben free and as natural as can be.

All of our soaps, lotions and butters use only the highest quality botanical oils. Plant oils are produced from seeds or fruits and are rich in fatty acids. These oils absorb easily and are kind to the skin. We incorporate only the highest quality essential oils and fragrance oils in our soaps and body products.
Science and nature in harmony – along with a symphony of fragrances.

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