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Our 2-in-1 laundry detergent is similar to other “eco” laundry cleaners EXCEPT that it naturally softens clothes and reduces fading. By eliminating the need for a separate fabric softener it naturally saves you money. It is tough on dirt and odor yet safe enough for baby clothes, High Efficiency & Front Load washer machines and septic tanks….. and it only uses 1 ounce per load!

MORE tangie cleaners:
All-Purpose cleaner (Lavender, Lemon)
Bathroom cleaner (Orange)
Clean Air Mists (Patchouli Rose, Cinnamon Heart, Peaceful Planet)

This may sound like other “green” household products you have seen, but your nose will know. The perfect scent you get and disinfecting properties that come from our dedicated use of quality high grade essential oils makes all the difference.

Tangie LLC is a women-owned business in Eustis, Florida (Central Florida 32726) with over 5 years of active experience in the world of eco-friendly products.

The focus? Provide safe, affordable products. Why? Because….

Not only am I the owner but I am also a “green girl” at heart who uses these “recipes” everyday! Sharing what I know and think on my blog posts, in magazine articles, through classes on Easy Green Living and at www.ilovetangie.com. I plug into everything “eco” including my electric bicycle.

Remember, we should ALWAYS feel confident when cleaning our homes, after all it’s our sanctuary. But more importantly, it’s about loving ourselves enough to use safer products!

Gratefully, Angie of tangie

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