Indian River Garden Company


We believe in safe, non-toxic environments along with nourishing the body inside and out. We practice traditional methods of preparation for our fermented and cultured products. We realize many humans are gluten intolerant and would like gluten-free ORGANIC options.
We make every attempt to assure there is no GMO is anything we produce. We make every attempt to either grow our own organic ingredients or to source only organic with preference given to local sources where possible.
Our goal is provide a line of organic:
Gluten-free Foods and Deserts
Fermented Vegetables & Condiments
Kombucha, Plain and Flavored
Sodas (prepared in the traditional methods)
Hemp/Wool Pet Toys and Bedding
Health Products: Soap, Cream, Toothpaste, and Healing Balm
We are also a retailer for Fermented Cod Liver Oil

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