Mountain Trail Farm

Website: www.mountaintrailfarm.com

Thank you for allowing me to introduce you to Mountain Trail Farm. We are a small poultry farm on the west slope of Sugarloaf Mountain. We moved here in 2013 and immediately started building our shelled egg business. The #1 thing that makes us unique in this area is that our girls are 100% free ranging hens from sunrise to sunset. With just over 17 acres of land to explore, we like to say “Happy Hens, Healthy Eggs”.

Why does that matter when you are looking for eggs? It means our hens get more than 60% of their daily diet in grass and bugs… Those are the things they naturally need to create a healthy and delicious egg for your table. Because they are working so hard to produce your breakfast, we also offer them a balanced natural feed with things like calcium, vitamins, probiotics, and minerals that they need to stay at top performance.

We are very proud of our girls and our eggs. If you have any questions please contact us. We love to hear from our customers!

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