new growth urban farm


located in the city beautiful – orlando, fla – new growth urban farm sprouted as a response to a growing need for farm fresh food produced in our urban context.

Orlando, FLA. 2016

Four growing seasons. A fast-growing, rapidly progressing city packed with a potential many of its locals have yet to tap into. A burgeoning food and restaurant scene. An amalgam of markets in need of a more diversified local food-producing culture. A mass of city-dwellers demanding quality ingredients from close to home. Myriad opportunity for growth.

new growth urban farm emerges with a dynamic approach to ecologically viable biointensive urban vegetable production. Incorporating the use of low input and low-tech cultivation methods and ecologically-minded growing practices, this farm focuses on growing the finest central florida baby greens and small roots. Discretely nestled roughly 10 minutes outside of Orlando’s downtown center, we grow to serve our local food communities emphasizing top-quality yields, on-site washing and packing, outdoor field growth, and a soon-to-come polyhouse growing space. Focusing on fast-growing, site-specific crops, with a distinct attention to detail, we turn our passion into your delicious culinary experience.

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