Wildflower Farm (Gutierrez Farm)

We have a small homestead farm here in Orlando growing citrus and veggies, and raising our “Happy Chickens” and Alpine dairy goats! We call them happy chickens because they are just the loveliest ladies, who look so quaint scratching around in our field. We also have a beautiful horse, dairy goats, and our pets. We feel we have a slice of heaven in the middle of Orlando.

Our chickens are free range and healthy. They help us manage pests by ranging around our property eating bugs. They also eat veggie kitchen scraps and occasionally spoiled veggies from the Co-op.
Our dairy goats are registered American Alpines, and produce wonderful milk. The raw milk, and cheeses are sold for animal/pet use only. The goats are on a weekly schedule of herbal wormers and their coats are healthy and shiny!
We practice organic, using fertilizer our farm produces, horse & chickens manure and compost.

We do not use synthetic pesticides and herbicides at our farm. The horse and goats mow the grass down, and then we’ll hand pull weeds they leave behind.

To manage insect pests we use Diatomaceous Earth where needed, but our bug hungry chickens do most of the work for us.

Water for the veggies and animals comes from our well and rainwater catchment.

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