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New Producer! Market OPEN for Saturday!

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Friday February 15th-17th:
2013 Florida Herbal Conference

Friday February 15th:
Tower Garden Workshop

Friday February 15th:
Day Joy Album Release Party

Featured Producer: Mrs. Jones’ Soapbox

My name is Jamie and I am the Chief Mixer & Crafter for Mrs. Jones’ Soapbox. Mrs. Jones’ Soapbox is a line of non-toxic, eco-friendly household cleaning products made from natural minerals and vegetable based soaps. I started working on this line in 2008 when I grew tired of big companies calling themselves green and natural just to make a buck. I think the only way to combat greenwashing is through education so I created Mrs. Jones’ Soapbox to help me teach people about what it really means to “go green.”

Cleaning products are some of the most toxic products we have in our homes. They are made with synthetic chemicals that are dangerous to our health, hurt plants and animals when we wash them down our drains and they create unnecessary hazardous waste. They came on the market about 60 years ago when chemists discovered we could create hundreds of different chemicals with petroleum oil. Petroleum was cheap, worked well in cleaning products and companies began marketing these products mainly to women as a way to make the job of cleaning faster and more efficient.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. There are plenty of natural, eco-friendly ingredients that clean just as well as their chemical counterparts. I spent a year developing my formulas because I wanted to come up with cleaning solutions that worked really well, were completely safe to use and also looked and smelled great. I tested every surface, every scenario, cleaned my friends’ houses and spent every waking moment tweaking and re-tweaking my formulas until I was confident in the final product.

What I came up with are five products that are multi-purpose so you can use them to clean your entire house from top to bottom, inside and out. No more lugging around tile cleaner, toilet cleaner, kitchen cleaner, surface spray, bathroom cleaner and all the other products that are jumbled together underneath your sink. Just 5 great products that can tackle anything. I carry mine around in a 6-pack holder, with a cup in the extra spot to carry my tools, like an old toothbrush and sponges, and it really makes the sometimes disgusting job of cleaning a little more bearable.

I package them in beautiful bottles that are designed to be reused or refilled once they’re empty so we can cut down on the waste we create and the liquid refills are packaged in recycled (sterilized) water bottles that I collect from friends. In fact, I collected so many bottles that I’ve filled up an entire room in my house! You can see a picture here.

So that’s a little bit about how Mrs. Jones’ Soapbox came to be. I hope you’ll give it a try. I think you’ll find it makes the chore of cleaning a little more fun and lot more healthy. Thanks for stopping by!

Items available from Mrs. Jones’ Soapbox:

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