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Homegrown Store Hours / Annual Meeting 9/21

Hello Homegrown Members! We have some fresh local organic produce in the store again. Our fellow members generously donated fruit from their bountiful harvests. Come in Saturday the 7th from noon to 7pm and pick up some star fruit, papaya and limes. We also have a few Seminole pumpkins in that are absolutely delicious roasted.

Homegrown’s certified organic dried bulk goods are plentiful. Stock your pantry with organic adzuki beans, brown rice, corn grits, flour and sugar.

For our carnivore friends, hormone and antibiotic-free, local grass fed beef and pastured chickens are waiting for you!

The Homegrown retail store will maintain open hours on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 12PM until 7PM.

The online Farmers Market will remain closed until further notice… Hopefully not too much longer- we are raising funds to repay our farmers and your donation will help get us closer to our goal. If every member donated just $10 we could settle our debts and continue to distribute local & organic produce. What can you do to adjust your budget to help us reach our goal? Can you rent a movie instead of going to the theater? Can you skip a round of cocktails and hydrate with water instead? Can you hold a dance party at your place instead of paying a cover charge? If we all reach into our pockets for a few bucks, we will all be able to return to the luxury of eating fresh local organic food overnight! Please donate today!

Please mark your calendar for Homegrown Local Food Cooperative’s Annual Meeting on Saturday, September 21st at 6PM. All of our Patron Members are encouraged to attend. At this meeting we will present the current financial state of the Co-op and future plans. We will also be holding elections as we have approximately four seats available on our Board of Directors.