Monterey Mushrooms


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Monterey Mushrooms, Inc. was established in 1971 as a family- owned and operated farm in Royal Oaks, California. Today, Monterey is vertically integrated and able to control all aspects of mushroom production from seed to customer/consumer. An international, multi-facility company, with 10 mushroom growing farms strategically located throughout North America – Monterey’s mushrooms are literally “locally grown” nationwide. This means that Monterey is uniquely positioned to deliver the best, most innovative mushroom products possible to consumers throughout the country.

For us here in Central Florida, we are lucky to have one of Monterey Mushroom farms right in our backyard. Located in Zellwood, the Monterey Mushroom farm of Central Florida grows big beautiful portabellas and white button mushrooms. This facility used to be Certified Organic, but does not currently carry that label due to the loss of a big contract with Publix a few years back that made the $10,000 annual certification fees un-feasible for their business.

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