Dear Homegrown Shopper,

This is it for us and this is our last week of operating. We have come to a bittersweet reality and our doors will close on Sunday September 24th.

Homegrown has been an institution and pioneer of the local and organic food movement in Orlando for a decade. We have served as an example and incubator for many small farmers, artisanal producers and small businesses alike. We have been focused on improving our community through food and positively impacting our environment through thoughtful and conscientious product sourcing. In this mission there have been many people who have helped make this magic happen over the last 10 years and I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to all of you! Our Founders, Staff, Owners, Volunteers, Farmers, Producers and Community Members who have supported us are all integral pieces to our story. We couldn’t have done this without You! Thank You!

I originally learned of Homegrown in 2010 after moving here from Los Angeles. I was quickly shocked at the reality of Real Food in Central Florida compared to what I was accustomed to in Southern California. I knew right away that Homegrown was a gem! I committed to ordering every week a made a 60 mile roundtrip from Celebration to get Real Food. I stepped up because I wanted to eat this food and I wanted to support a community centered around organic agriculture.

Over the years my involvement developed into leadership and for nearly 5 years, Bailey and I have been teamed up trying to save Homegrown. Bailey was the assistant manager back in 2013 when I was originally hired as a salesperson. Shortly after my hire, the entire staff was alerted to the grave financial status of our Co-op. We were heading very quickly into closure. Bailey and I took our ownership very seriously and in her words, we exhibited extreme ownership. Armed with this attitude, we did everything we could think of to turn this place around. Somehow we managed to scrape by all these years, but unfortunately, we were unable to reach our ultimate goal.

Within this challenge we have succeed on many levels. We have whole heartedly supported a local and organic food system. We have educated every single person that has walked through our doors. We have built community. We have learned so much about the realities of running a business. Most importantly, we have helped feed the community Real Food.

While our doors are closing, our Farmers and Producers will continue to do what they do best; create Real Food. I encourage all of you who care about your health, your wellbeing, your environment and your neighbors to continue to shop responsibly. The easiest way for you to continue your support of Real Food is to join the Frog Song Organics’ CSA program. You can secure a season of local and organic produce and other farm goods by signing up today at: Use this coupon code to save on your order: R102017. CSA shares must be purchased by September 30th!

For those of you that would like a Real Food resource packet and to join my mailing list, please send me a request at

Homegrown will be liquidating all of our assets and ask for your help spreading the word. We have commercial restaurant equipment, office equipment, retail store equipment, furniture and a variety of goods available. This Sunday you are welcome to shop for the last time and secure these additional items.

Homegrown will be hosting a last chance rummage sale on Sunday October 1st from 10am-4pm. All items will require a cash payment. For information on commercial equipment available please email me at:

Once again, I would like to thank all of you for adding to this journey. As they say, as one door closes, another opens. We shall see what the future holds. I hope to see you this Sunday at pickup!

Amy Rupert Secol
President and Chief Vegetable Officer
Homegrown Local Food Cooperative

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Grapefruit, White
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We have available nice sized white grapefruit. Enjoy!